It’s almost Mother’s Day and here we go again.  After all, what DO you get for the Mom who already has everything?  Take my Mom for instance.  She has a lovely  home that is already filled with stuff, NO ROOM in her closet for more clothes (at least that’s what Dad said), the respect of her peers, a place in her community, a husband who adores her, five fabulous kids (wink), oodles of grand kids, and ….

I have this same challenge EVERY year. What do you get for someone who gives you every thing, rarely asks for anything, and has lots of STUFF.

Last year, out of desperation, I decided to get creative and with the talented help from my friends at Metro Studios I made my Mom a video thanking her for all she had done for me over the years and finally admitting that the things she taught me so many years ago were the things that really mattered.  (It took me a while to figure it all out – but she knew all along.)

She liked it, so I’ve left it up on My YouTube Page for all the world to see – or at least the folks that go there to see my videos on life, leadership, and innovation.    So here you go… this is last year’s Mother’s Day message.


But oh my goodness, it’s that time again. Now what can I do?

I started to think about something unique something that was for her and only her and then it came to me.  I’d get her a “Kolbe A” for Mother’s Day!  You are probably thinking, a WHAT?   Well, if you read the post from my CorePurpose Business Blog at the beginning of the year about Kathy Kolbe, you might remember that the Kolbe is a great set of tools that help people identify and and make the most of their unique talents and instincts.  Kathy pioneered the work in conation (the science of why we do what what we do) that has grown to be known as the Kolbe Concept and helped thousands to be the best people they can be by embracing who the truly are and making the most of it.   What better gift for my Mom.   

So that’s what I’m doing this year. I’m sending my Mom a Kolbe A for Mother’s Day.  After she takes it, we can compare notes.  My Kolbe Score is a 4-2-9-3.  I wonder what she will be?

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned….  

Joan Koerber-Walker

Want to get your Mom a Kolbe A for Mother’s Day?  Here’s a link to the site where you can get them.  Purchase Kolbe Index Coupons (You can get a Kolbe Coupon for $49.95, email it to your Mom, and then give her a call to compare notes  too.)    Want to treat yourself?  Just click here to get started.