The signs are appearing.  This May they started to come faster.

It started the week of May 9th when I headed out to NYC for the launch of Amilya Antonetti’s new book, The Recipe: A fable for leaders and teams. As publisher, it was my job to host the festivities, coordinate with the book stores (the team at Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle were terrific to work with thank goodness), and keep everyone moving from place to place and meeting to meeting as we jaunted around the Big Apple.  By the time I dragged my suitcases back to JFK Friday and settled into my seat on USAIR Flight 17 to Phoenix, all I wanted to do was sleep!

My loving husband picked me up at the airport, brought my tired body home, and there on the counter was a HUGE pile of mail.  Sitting right on top, was the next sign – a welcome envelope from the AARP.

Hey Mom – look –  they think you are OLD!

Hmmm.  Could it be true?  I have been noticing that I drive closer to the speed limit these days.   Pulling all nighters when working on a deadline are not quite as easy as they used to be.  My youngest child graduates from high school next week and next month on my 25th wedding anniversary I will have been a Mrs. longer than I was a Miss.  OMG – I am old!

As I sat bemoaning my fate, I got a call from my friend Francine Hardaway.  Perfect timing.  She has a few more years than I have – she’ll know what to do!

As I poured out my tale of woe, she started to laugh.

“Welcome to freedom” she exclaimed.  “You are not old, you are free. This is the best time of your life – enjoy the freedom!”

As I turned back to my laptop, to tackle the next thing on my to do list, I smiled.  I will have to share THAT with my kids.  I have been officially granted my freedom – not to mention discounted travel rates from the AARP.  I guess being young is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Thanks for stopping by for a little life story…stay tuned.

Joan Koerber-Walker