Twenty-five years ago, on June 8, 1985 I got married.  Now twenty-five years later, I guess that makes me a “silver” ball and chain.

Here’s a flash back from that long ago day.

We’ve come a long way from those two kids in Connecticut.  Since that day, we have crossed the country to California and then later settled in Arizona.  We made two beautiful babies who have grown up to become two fine young  men.  We made a home and wonderful friends along the way but most of all we’ve made a life together. 

People have asked “What’s the secret?”  You’ll have to look to yourself for that answer. Here’s some things that I have thought about …

Last summer I wrote a post about our parents.  Both my Mom and Dad and Chris’s Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversaries last August.  Maybe the example they set and the commitments THEY made rubbed off on us – at least a bit.

We’re very different people, but we share similar values.  We know what really matters to us – each other, our families, our friends.  But most of all we respect each other for who we are and what we can do.  And, we support each other in reaching our personal goals as well as our shared ones.

The video might also give you a few extra insights if you look closely.  You can see that we care about each other, but that does not mean we let the other person push us around.  Even in tux and tails or satin and lace, with hundreds of people looking on, we don’t take ourselves too seriously – and we give as good as we get. 

Now, these are OLD videos and the audio is starting to fade.  But if you did not catch what the Married Ladies wished for me at the end, here is what they said:

Joan Bates:  “Joan I wish for you to have success in training your husband WELL so that when you come home from YOUR job, the beds will be made and the dinner will be on the table …

Susan Ryan:  “There is no way I can top that.  Ditto Joan.”

Patti DeVito: “Ditto Three Joan”

Phyllis Flynn:  “Ditto FOUR Joan.”

Well ladies – it’s now a quarter of a century later and most days the beds are not made – unless I make them.  But, many a night I have come home to find that dinner is indeed on the table.    Perhaps that compromise is the true secret.  Understanding that you don’t always get EVERYTHING.  But if you have what’s really important, it’s enough.

Thanks for stopping by for a little life story.  Stay tuned… 

Joan Koerber-Walker

P.S. Happy Anniversary Chris!  Tonight, let’s turn off the cell phones, the laptops, and the TV to go OUT to dinner – that way no one has to cook OR clean up.