Voting and muscles have something in common.  They both work best with regular and proper exercise.

Today, November 2, 2010, citizens of the United States (who are registered voters) have the opportunity to use their muscles and elect leaders that will shape our lives today and the future of our states and  our country.

In addition to the races for local, state and national office, there are 160 ballot measures going before voters in 37 states today.

Of the items on the ballot, 42 are citizen initiatives (proposed new laws or constitutional amendments placed on the ballot by citizen petition); one is a popular referendum (a proposal to repeal an existing law, also placed on the ballot by citizen petition); three are mandatory votes on whether to hold a state constitutional convention; and 114 were placed on the ballots by state legislatures. Read more and find links in this article on

So today, not only do we have the chance to elect the people who we choose to represent us, we also have the opportunity to vote on actual laws locally if we live in the 37 states with ballot initiatives.  It’s an interesting  statement on our country and are times that close to half of the people who are eligible to vote – won’t make their choices heard today.

If you do not vote you have no right to complain

I’m not sure who said it first, but it says a lot.  If you do not vote, you should not complain.  You had an opportunity to be heard and you elected not to take it.  It’s like our muscles, we have a choice to exercise them regularly and appropriately.  Some of us do and some of us do not.

Atrophy and Apathy

Muscular atrophy occurs when for a number of possible reasons our muscles degenerate or break down.  The result is weakness, loss of mobility and can have a significant impact on performance and quality of life. Apathy is the state we fall into when we just don’t care any more.  Interestingly the side effects are similar in how it ultimately affects our power, our performance and our lives.

It has been said by some that our current system is affected by both of these “A’s” today and that we are to busy to vote or that it is pointless.  I personally believe that it is not, but of we allow ourselves to fall victim to atrophy and apathy, some day it may be.

There is still time to exercise…

So if you have not voted yet today (and you are a registered voter) then you still have time.  There is still time to exercise your voting muscles – here are some easy tips:

  1. Visit to access voter information for your state.
  2. Visit your state website, you can often find information on propositions (pro and con) online
  3. Visit the League of Women Voters on line for more information on information for your state.
  4. Visit with an informed friend – have a discussion
  5. Visit your polling place and VOTE.

When I was young and had my first opportunity to vote, my parents made sure I had what I needed to resister, had access to information,  and was ready to vote.  When my son’s turned 18, I went through the same exercises with them.  We live in a representative democracy that is by the people and for the people.  Voting is what keeps our country strong and the first steps start with exercising our brains and our muscles and getting out to vote.

So if you have already voted, by mail or in person.  Good for you.  If you haven’t yet, go out and get some exercise….take a walk to your local polling place and as the say at Nike “Just Do It” .

Thanks for stopping by for a little life story.  Stay Tuned..

Joan Koerber-Walker