Each year, I like to record a special Christmas story for my nieces and nephews who are scattered across the country.  I recorded this reading of CHRISTMAS SPIRIT by Cynthia Holt Cummings (Holt Peterson Press, 1989) for my nieces and nephews in 2009, but all of us can believe in the spirit of Peter the Bear and the message he comes to share.

You can watch last year’s story here… you might need to turn up your speakers.

As Christmas is less than two weeks away, it’s time to record another story for Christmas 2010.  I have some wonderful books upstairs in my library, but my guess is that you have Christmas favorites too.  So send me a note or leave me a comment and who knows – perhaps YOUR favorite Christmas story will appear here on Christmas Eve when I will be sharing it with the children I care about and perhaps some that you treasure too.


Thanks for stopping by…and Merry Christmas


Joan Koerber-Walker